Getting Started with SANIAIRquality
Getting Started . . . Why Use SANIAIRquality Air Fresheners?

Improve the atmosphere of your home or business. SANIAIRquality machines use fans to better distribute the fragrances. Fan-driven fragrance machines offer a vast advantage over the sprays, plug-ins, candles, metered spray cans and incense. Providing results 24 hours a day. These other methods typically only provide temporary odor cover up, and wear out quickly. Continual distribution of fragrance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Business Application

A pleasant smelling business, office or store will help you keep your customers/clients and gain new customers/clients:

  • Customers will enjoy themselves more.
  • Customers will most be more apt to come back.
  • Clean smelling restrooms will be appreciated.
  • Customers stay around longer in a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Customers will recommend your business to others.

A pleasurable smelling environment adds to the satisfaction of your customers. Helping to make it a positive experience! In addition to satisfied customers and clients, think for a moment about your employees. They are there on a daily basis. A pleasant smelling environment will make their workday more enjoyable. Resulting in better employee morale and increased productivity. Which will carry over to improved customer service. You can't measure the your return on investment by buying one of our air fresheners, but you can be assured that your customers and employees will appreciate a nice smelling environment.

Home Application

Cats, dogs, kids, food, smoke, etc. All these items contribute to the smell of our homes. Enjoy your home more by creating a pleasant smelling atmosphere. The smell of your home makes a statement. What does the smell of your home say? Are you aware of the smell of your home? Lengthened exposure decreases the awareness of smell. Visitors and guests will be more aware of the smell than you.

First impressions are lasting impressions.   As you change the decorations of your home with the seasons, take it to the next dimension by changing the smell. Blue Spruce at Christmas; Cinnamon at Thanksgiving; Jasmine in the spring; Tropicana in the summer. Refer to our product sheet for additional scents.

How to Use an Air Freshener

SANIAIRquality air fresheners require no installation and are easy to use. They can be placed in a variety of locations to neutralize unpleasant smells and create a pleasing environment. Determine where to place the air fresheners, choose a machine color and select the fragrances you desire. Refer to our product information for available fragrances and machine colors.

The battery operated air freshener machines provide coverage for approximately 500 to 800 square feet. The electric air freshener machines provide coverage for approximately 800 to 1200 square feet. The coverage is dependent on the airflow, location of air freshener machine and intensity or amount of odors contributing to the smell of your environment.

We recommend placing towards the entrance of the home or office. First impressions are important!

Once you've chosen a color, place in a location that you can have maximum coverage. Install the fragrance you have chosen, and in minutes you will have a pleasant smelling environment. We offer dozens of fragrances to choose from. Experiment with different fragrances to see which is most pleasing to you, your employees and customers.

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