Getting Started with SANIAIRquality
Getting Started . . . Why Use SANIAIRquality Air Fresheners?

Directions and Information for Your Fragrance Bar Fresheners

Note: When inserting each bar; avoid the bars from touching one another, as they can bleed from one to another.

STEP 1:   First Month
Remove wrapper and insert bar in upright position, be sure to push it all the way into the bottom slot.


STEP 2:   Second Month
Remove wrapper and insert the second bar into the next slot. Leave the first bar in the air freshener.

STEP 3:   Third Month
Add a third bar in the same way. Leave the first two bars in the air freshener.

STEP 4:   Fourth Month 
Remove the oldest bar and add a new one in it's place. Continue to replace bars in this manner each month.

Electric Units... 

Follow the same procedure as above, but leave the wrapper on the bottom half of each new bar.  When a new bar is inserted, remove the wrapper of the bar from the previous month.
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