Getting Started with SANIAIRquality
Getting Started . . . Why Use SANIAIRquality Air Fresheners?

FAQ:  What will I need?

Select the type of dispenser (battery or electric) and select your fragrance. . . .
It is that simple!

The AP-2000 Model is available as a battery powered or
AC [electric] powered air dispenser. 

For small spaces and rooms
(about 800 to 1000 square feet) the battery powered AP-2000 is recommended. 

The electric powered API-2000 is designed for larger spaces and rooms (about 1000 to 1500 square feet). 
The electric powered is designed for larger spaces and rooms.
Use with any electric/battery liquid refills or refill squares or classic or mini scents. 
Dimensions: Height 9 1/8" x Width 4 3/8" x Depth 4"

The Mini-Scents Air Freshener Dispenser is portable, compact and easy to use. Battery operated only and runs on one (1) "D" Cell battery for up to 3 months with continuous operation for dispensing the pleasant "Mini-Scents" fragrances for up to 60 days. (Battery not included.) The Mini-Scents Air Dispenser is quiet, lightweight, childproof, easy to use and sits anywhere; no need for any mounting. The "Mini-Scents Refills" are spill proof and are great for desk tops, closets and small rooms.  "Mini-Scents" are made with mobility in mind for cars, boats, and RV's.  Nothing to spill even when turned upside down!  They make a great gift, too! 

Note:  "Mini-Scents Dispensers" only use "Mini-Scents Fragrance Refill Cans".
Dimensions:  H 4.5" W 3.5" L 5.25"






















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