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If you have any problems ordering or should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to  contact us at 1-941-223-8784!  
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Do you want your home, office, or car to have
a pleasant smell when you enter? 

Here at SANIAIRquality we have the solution.
We have an abundance of scents and fragrances
that will make your space smell wonderful.
We offer the best cost efficient products you need. 
Not all air fresheners are created equal but
we have the best air freshener products.
Sani-air has been known as an industry leader.
Our air fresheners not only remove bad odors but it
also makes your space a pleasant, peaceful place to be. 

Most of our competitors carry a 3.5 ounce can refill. 
What sets SANIAIRquality apart from our competition?  We offer a 4.5 ounce can refill at the
same price or less ($61.1 cents per ounce) 
than what our competitors sell the 3.5 ounce can. 
(You are actually paying more at $68.2 cents per ounce) 

You get an extra ounce of air freshener in every can!
Not only do we make scents, we can save you cents, too!

SANIAIRquality is Florida's leading distributor of
Sani-Air products made by Associated Products Inc. (API). Associated Products have over 50 years of experience creating and developing quality odor control solutions.
Our Sani-Air air fresheners are
backed by warranties up to 2 years.

You may contact us with any question you may have.

SANIAIRquality won’t be happy
until you’re satisfied with your product! 
We offer 20 years of experience; 
PLUS we have the best prices you can find!
Enter our shopping cart now to order your scents
for less cents on the ounce!

East of  Mississippi orders all ship for $10.50 flat rate!

*West of Mississippi orders are a $12.50 flat rate.

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